LED sources mounted in classic hermetic luminaires

Have you ever thought about what happens with a LED lamp when it installed in a closed luminaire? What impact has this on the LED light source? As one of the few LED lighting manufacturers operating on the market, LED-POL decided to explore this issue in greater depth in cooperation with the scientific units.

Comparison of the LED panel technologies: indirect and direct light distribution

Nowadays, the role of light is much more complex than even a few decades ago. At present, it is used not only to ensure the visibility of the world around us. Today, light is perceived as a factor which may have a positive impact on our mood, increase the productivity and even, with use of the appropriate tools, control our biological clock.

Your house in a good light. External lighting of building and property.

When designing the elevation and area around our houses, we often focus on their appearance in the daytime only and forget about lighting. It’s wrong! Problems with finding the way to the keyhole, stumbling on stairs, terrace not used after dark, rubbing your car against gateway when entering into garage – all these mundane problems can be solved by the lighting arranged outside your house. This will make it look impressive also after dark, and in addition it will hamper unwanted visitors.