Your house in a good light. External lighting of building and property.

When designing the elevation and area around our houses, we often focus on their appearance in the daytime only and forget about lighting. It’s wrong! Problems with finding the way to the keyhole, stumbling on stairs, terrace not used after dark, rubbing your car against gateway when entering into garage – all these mundane problems can be solved by the lighting arranged outside your house. This will make it look impressive also after dark, and in addition it will hamper unwanted visitors.

What light sources to choose?

naswietlacze LED POLThe external lighting is to make your life easier and ensure safety. It is good when it delights the eye and decorates your house. It is even better when it does not put you to high expenses related to the energy use. Therefore, in the selection, focus not only on the aesthetics of products, but above all on their energy efficiency. Lamps using modern LED technology provide long and reliable operation, while keeping the cost of energy consumption low.  The additional advantage is the possibility to fit them with a motion sensor – such lighting will operate only when required to generate additional savings. 

Where should light sources be arranged?

First of all, take care for the sensitive points within the premises of your property. One of them is certainly the entrance zone – the way to be covered to reach the building and the entrance area of the house. 

The path leading to the entrance should be preferably illuminated with low-post lamps or headlights whose light can be pointed towards the selected area. At the entrance to the house, the light should fall on the door handle and lock, and to the possible landing. The floodlight or wall lamp will work best here.  Particularly important is the stair lighting, because stairs may cause many problems after dark, and in the worst case even an injury. Lamps should illuminate each step individually. In order for the effect not to be too overwhelming, it is worth considering the use of several low-power luminaires mounted in the wall or stair risers or some low-post lamps.

The second key point related to the property is the driveway and entrance to garage. Importantly, the lighting should enable safe parking of your car after dark. Floodlights with motion sensor, low-post luminaires, wall-mounted or driveway lamps will work here. 

Terrace without adequate lighting will not create favourable conditions for social meetings. It is important that light should be dispersed and discrete, and this will be provided by side or terrace floor-mounted lighting.  To provide the eye-catching lighting of elevation, you may use wall lamps and luminaires designed for mounting to the building wall. It is also worth considering the installation of floodlights directed to the elevation. However, you should remember that the light may not shine directly on the window.

Safety first!

The external lighting must have adequate resistance and tightness, as it is exposed to weather conditions and mechanical damage. To make use of its full potential, you should preferably design it already at the stage of building the house. It is recommended that the design of the installation should be made by an electrician with appropriate competence and qualifications so as to ensure that the outdoor installation can be safe and weather-resistant.

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