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Install the latest version of the TUYA Smart application to control WIFI Led-Pol products

We would like to inform you that the technical support period for the Led-Pol Smart application for controlling WIFI Led-Pol products has ended. From now on, all WIFI Led-Pol products will continue to work, however, we suggest users to install the latest version of the TUYA SMART application. The new version of the application is now available for download in the APP Store and Google Play stores.

Better Functionality and Security

TUYA SMART has been optimized to work with the latest LED-POL products, offering even better functions and greater safety. The application update brings a number of improvements that make managing a smart home simpler and more intuitive than ever before.

Why is it worth installing TUYA SMART?

1. Compatibility with Newest Products: TUYA SMART works with the latest WIFI devices, offering smooth and reliable control of lighting and other smart home devices.

2. Better Security: The new version of the app provides advanced security features, protecting your data and ensuring a secure connection to your devices. For more information on security, please visit [TUYA](https://www.tuya.com/).

3. Ease of Use: TUYA SMART offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage lighting and other devices. The application allows you to easily create schedules, voice control and integration with other smart home systems.

4. Multifunctionality: With TUYA SMART, you can adjust the lighting to your mood, create light scenes and remotely control devices from anywhere in the world.

5. Regular Updates: The TUYA SMART app is updated regularly, giving you access to the latest features and improvements.

Download and Install TUYA SMART Today!

Don't wait any longer and install TUYA SMART to enjoy the full possibilities of intelligent management of your home. Download the application today from the APP Store or Google Play and join thousands of satisfied users who are already using modern technological solutions in their homes.

Download TUYA SMART from the APP Store

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Enjoy convenience and innovation with TUYA SMART!