LED-POL on EXPO in Athens




On February 26th-29th, 2016 our company took part in the 1st edition of International Exhibition ELEC-TEC 2016 in M.E.C., Paiania, Attica, Greece.

The first edition of the international event for electric and electronic industry has drawn attention of many suppliers, entrepreneurs, distributors and professionals from all over Greece and the neighbouring countries. 

LED-POL in association with its Greek Partner participated in the event. By the high number of visitors and requests for cooperation we can deem the presentation of ORO products a great success. 

The large number of visitors who met our representative as well as plenitude of requests for our wide range of LED products assured us that idea of ecological and energy-saving solutions constitutes the actual trend in this region of Europe.


We are extremely glad that as the supplier and advocate of such solutions, LED-POL could promote successfully the LED technology, once again. 

Thank you to be with us.

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